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Plastic waste helps to protect the world’s water resources

Recycling of plastic is the core business of Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S (AVL), their vision is to develop sustainable solutions in a circular economy with everything they do as part of their DNA!

Every year, AVL recycle more than 15,000 tons of plastic waste from plastic-producing, plastic-consuming companies, as well as general plastic waste from private households, which are recycled into a high-quality raw material in the form of granular plastic waste.

During the past five years, AVL and Hexa-Cover A/S have saved the world no less than 6,672,173 kg of CO2 by using recycled plastic to produce the floating lids, instead of new plastic.

Often AVL do not know what new life the plastic they recycle will get, but occasionally are able to boast well-documented success stories about how their recycled plastic helps to make a difference in the world – Hexa-Cover A / S being one of them.

Hexa-Cover® Floating cover is a lid that can be used on all types of pools, lagoons, reservoirs, ponds and reservoirs – in other words on virtually all types of liquids.

Many places in the world such as Africa, where extremely high temperatures during the summer period is common, considerable amounts of water would be needed for essential daily processes such as watering crops, and securing clean drinking water. In such conditions, floating covers by Hexa-Cover A/S would be an exceptional solution to prevent the evaporation of water.

The hexagonal Hexa-Cover® pieces flow together and form a lid/cover on top of liquid storage basins. The Hexa-Cover® prevents up to 95% of water from evaporating, while at the same time improving water quality by diminishing algae growth. Hexa-Cover® can also be used in agriculture as a cover on manure and slurry tanks.

AVL has delivered the 100% recycled plastic raw material in a customized blend, to ensure that the Hexa-Cover® can withstand distressing weather and drastic temperatures.

Hexa-Cover® is used around the world in various applications to reduce odour and evaporation.

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