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Aquafuse is the brand of CMF Global, Inc. a California corporation which supplies pipes, valves, and fittings for a wide variety of applications, throughout the world. CMF Global supplies High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fusion machines and small hydroelectric power generating equipment. CMF Global owns several proprietary, branded products which are specified by name on important domestic and international irrigation projects.

AquaFuse Liner™ Lake & pond liners

AquaFuse Liner™ is a Reinforced Composite Polyethylene (RCPE) that is durable, stress crack resistant, and lightweight.


Weld Easier. Install Faster. Contain Better. RCPE liner from AquaFuse Liner™ provides outstanding performance in any climate or environment, specifically designed for use in water retention and containment applications. 

Cold A / S Flood Prevention is a modern production company that develops and produces a variety of products in PVC coated textile for private label customers. At Cold A / S, we work closely with our customers to develop innovative products. We use the latest technology and automated machines, which enable us to produce quality products of all kinds. All our products are Danish produced in the highest quality and comply with all relevant European environmental and safety standards. With more than 25 years of experience, we are the ideal partner.

Dam Easy Flood Barriers is a brand from All Weather Industries which is an Irish company established in September 2017. The range of flood protection products were launched in Ireland to service the domestic market. The demand for the flood protection products quickly spread to other neighbouring European countries who were also prone to flooding. This has grown further with the products available through north and south America, Asia and the middle east. The products are now available for sale in over 30 countries by 21 established distributors. The design and manufacturing quality of the products makes DIY installation easy, which makes the products a viable choice for Flood protection.

Our goal at DamEasy is to create innovative and easy to use products that allow you to protect your home or business as economically as possible from flooding.


All Weather Industries are members of the European Flood Protection Association.

Friiva™ is brand owned by AS FRIIS LTD

Friiva™ products are designed and developed in corporation with leading manufacturers to serve our customers

The Friiva™ product portfolio is Friiva™ FlexaTank for Rainwater and stormwater management and Friiva™ Flood gate & fence barrier for protection against flooding in residential homes and commercial properties.

Jimco A/S was founded in Denmark in 1992 and has been the company behind some of the world’s most unique air and waste-water purification and sterilization solutions. Since designing its very first air-cleaning unit in 1992, JIMCO A/S has not looked back.​

Today, the company supplies its products to many industries and institutions worldwide. Its customer base is comprising factories within the food industry, commercial kitchens, waste-water treatment plants, schools ,and nursing homes.

Air purifiers for indoor spaces by Jimco A/S

Industrial air cleaning products by Jimco A/S

Kitchen pollution control systems by Jimco A/S

Disinfection systems for air and surfaces by Jimco A/S

JS Ventilation A/S was established in 1984 and has since then manifested itself in the Danish ventilation industry as a company that creates unique and untraditional solutions for any ventilation challenge.

Unique solutions require unique components and to ensure the quality JS Ventilation have own manufacturing and electrical design teams to be able to produce the components and solutions that meet market needs.

JS Ventilation A/S developed and tested the revolutionary “Cool Ceiling” in close collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute. The Cool Ceiling is a is patented solution.

JS Ventilation cool air ceiling for controlled ventilation and cooling of workspaces

Cool Ceiling is energy efficient high cooling capacity air conditioning that safe space

The unique cool ceiling gives architects and engineers design freedom as there is no large air conditioning ducting which result in lower ceiling space and therefore can reduce the building height or provide space for more floors when constructing a new multi-story building or provide increased ceiling height in existing buildings.


The Cool Ceiling also have lower maintenance cost, lower energy consumption and reduced noise, although providing a higher cooling capacity and increased ventilation without any draft. 

HEXA-COVER® is developed by Kellpo which is a modern production company working on the development and production of food packaging, as well as the design and production of high-tech industrial components. 

The company was founded in 1995 by two tool makers, Poul Pedersen and Kjeld Pedersen, 

Kellpo have sharp focus on always using the best and latest technology in production, and are certified according to Danish Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 as well asTESCO and BRC certified.

Elmich Pte Ltd, Established in 1985, is the leading provider of state-of-the-art and ecologically-minded urban landscaping, waterproofing, drainage, green roofs and stormwater management solutions to developers, contractors, and architects around the world.


Elmich Pte Ltd, Headquartered in Singapore with international offices in Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Switzerland and the United States, Elmich works closely with its network of partners in more than 30 countries across 6 continents.

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