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Flood protection

Flooding becomes a bigger challenge globally due to increased population, urbanization as well as general climate changes.  

We have partnered with Cold Flood a/s, Dam Easy and Friiva to develop and provide solutions for flood mitigation and protection of life and assets in private houses as well as industrial facilities, commercial buildings and municipalities.

Damages from Flooding

Typical damages from flooding extends beyond loss of lives and loss or damage to valuable property like cars, artworks, furniture and electrical appliances. There is also long-term effects that can not be easily seen or measured and might result in severe long-term health problems and worst-case loss of live due to collapsed structures.

Hidden Damages from Flooding

1.Overload to building structures which can result in fatigue and lead to collapse of critical structure components such as beams and foundations

2.Increase of mold and thereby mold spores which can harm people and animals living or using the property and in worst case also destroy critical wooden structural components


3.Increased erosion to electrical components that can result in malfunctioning and worst case short-circuit and fires.

4.Increased erosion to metal components, such as rebars in concrete, door frames and beams that later can  lead to a building collapse.

Typical reason for flooding of properties

1.Heavy rainfall (leads to flashfloods)

2.Overrun from neighbors (poor drainage)

3.Back flush from drainage systems

4.Lack of drainage system

5.Property located below waterline

Flooding can happen anywhere especially due to heavy rainfall and the affects can be aggravated by changes in the local area such as increased road levels or fencing of waterways as a sample.

Urban areas are many times under constant development which typically leads to damaged or insufficient drainage infrastructure which will prevent water from exiting the area fast enough, hence causing flooding to communities and properties in the area.

High risk flooding areas on a property are basements, underground carparks, Utility wells underground and utility installations at ground levels.

Basic flood prevention methods

1.Flood barrier (permanent / temporary)

2.Mechanical drainage (Flood pumps)

3.Back flow valve or drainage stoppers

4.Water proofing of walls and floors

5.Raise critical utilities / electrical installations above flood risk level.

Basic flood protection starts with preventing the water from outside getting in, that is typically done by increasing the soil level or building permanent flood protection walls around the property wherever it is possible as this is normally the most cost-effective long-term solution.

Recommend materials to use are waterproof concrete, brick walls and alternatively metals that can withstand the water pressure. Some wooden materials can be used if the are properly treated for use in water.

Where openings are needed to access the property, it is recommended to install floodproof doors and windows, or alternative quick installation / demountable flood barriers can be used example on car and truck entrances.

AS FRIIS approach to flood protection

1.Risk evaluation at site together with customer

2.Design development

3.Feature and benefit discussion

4.Implementation, installation and training if required.

AS FRIIS LTD. offers our customer a risk evaluation at site together with customers operation teams to understand current challenges as well as historical problems occurred at site and surroundings.

With collected data and information from customer a basic design for flood protection is developed, we always strive to find the most long-term effective solutions which is typically simple changes to the property infrastructure that in most cases can be done by the customer or their regular maintenance team or contractors.

Feature and benefit discussions is an important part of the process as there is many aspects to cover from protection levels as well as investment cost, daily operation impacts such as access to property and equipment and more importantly long-term maintenance requirements.

Our Focus is on low maintenance solutions in order to ensure a well functioning flood protection solution that will work when required.


AS FRIIS also offers regular flood proofing audits together with  customers to ensure that any flood prevention equipment is properly maintained as well inspect property and surrounding for any changes that could affect the flood prevention systems or increase flooding risk to occur.

Flood protection solutions we provide

Cold Flood Prevention mobile wide area flood protection barrier

Fast deployable flood protection barrier for versatile use in flood protection and controlling water flow.

Cold Flood Prevention is a unique modular system, which consists of a series of elongated sections that can be attached to each other and thereby the length is easily adaptable to suit the extent of the flood.

The barrier is filled with water, which creates a massive pressure that seals the surface and enables the barrier to withstand and divert floodwater. The barrier’s cellular construction ensures that it remains stable on any surface irrespective of external conditions making the barrier extremely robust and highly effective in preventing flooding. Available in heights from 420 mm up to 1,1170 mm flood protection heights.

Friiva™ Gate & Fence Flood protection barrier

Fast and easy deployable aluminum flood protection barrier for fences, gates and doors

Friiva Gate and Fence barriers is a unique modular system made from aluminum. The system is versatile and can be customized to most height and length requirements to protect building or areas as required.

The barrier panels and posts are constructed in durable aluminum alloy. The aluminum barrier panels provide flood protection in vertical increments of 200 mm logs/planks.

The barrier panels stack on top of one another and most applications can be installed by one person.

Dam Easy® Door & Gate Flood protection barrier

Fast and easy deployable composite flood protection barrier for gates and doors

Dam Easy offers an excellent alternative to heavy and messy sandbags, this barrier provides the first line of defense to prevent water from entering doors and windows in your home.

When flooding happens, the ability to act quickly is critical. This flood protection barrier provides you with reliable flood protection at your fingertips as it can be installed in under 5 minutes! The Dam Easy door is 720 mm height and easily offers flood protection up to 600 mm

Drain stoppers & accessories

Easy deployable drain stoppers and back flow valves.

The increasing extreme climate puts an enormous pressure on drainage systems. Heavy rainfall often overwhelms the drainage system that cannot cope with the massive water runoff. This results in flooded and contaminated areas around the systems as well as dangerous situations when manhole covers are opened to cope with the excess water.

AS FRIIS offers a range of products from Drain stoppers, Knife gate valves and back flov valves to mitigate flooding from drains and wells.

Basic comparison of AS FRIIS flood protection solutions

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