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Friiva™ Gate & Fence Flood protection barrier

Friiva™ Gate & Fence Flood protection barrier

Fast and easy deployable aluminum flood protection barrier for fences, gates and doors.

Friiva Gate and Fence barriers is a unique modular system made from aluminum. The system is versatile and can be customized to most height and length requirements to protect building or areas as required. 

The barrier panels and posts are constructed in durable aluminum alloy. The aluminum barrier panels provide flood protection in vertical increments of 200 mm logs/planks. 

The barrier panels stack on top of one another and most applications can be installed by one person. 

Friiva™ flood barrier benefits

Friiva™ Gate & Fence Flood protection barrier areas of application.

The Friiva™ Gate & Fence Flood protection barrier has many applications in flood protection response and can be used by business owners and individuals. The barrier is easy to handle and requires no special skills or equipment. The Friiva™ Gate & Fence Flood protection barrier has many applications and can be used door gate barrier in buildings and fence barrier around property as well as permanent installed around equipment and utilities as it is easy to remove for maintenance

Friiva™ Gate & Fence Flood protection barrier technical information

Friiva™ Technical information

Friiva™ Installation options and accessories

Friiva™ door gate flood barrier no center post

Friiva™ door gate flood barrier with center post

Friiva™ gate & fence flood barrier wall post and center post options

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Technical information Friiva™ Gate & Fence flood barrier

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Flood protection solutions we provide

Cold Flood Prevention mobile wide area flood protection barrier

Fast deployable flood protection barrier for versatile use in flood protection and controlling water flow.

Cold Flood Prevention is a unique modular system, which consists of a series of elongated sections that can be attached to each other and thereby the length is easily adaptable to suit the extent of the flood.

The barrier is filled with water, which creates a massive pressure that seals the surface and enables the barrier to withstand and divert floodwater. The barrier’s cellular construction ensures that it remains stable on any surface irrespective of external conditions making the barrier extremely robust and highly effective in preventing flooding. Available in heights from 420 mm up to 1,1170 mm flood protection heights.

Dam Easy® Door & Gate Flood protection barrier

Fast and easy deployable composite flood protection barrier for gates and doors

Dam Easy offers an excellent alternative to heavy and messy sandbags, this barrier provides the first line of defense to prevent water from entering doors and windows in your home.

When flooding happens, the ability to act quickly is critical. This flood protection barrier provides you with reliable flood protection at your fingertips as it can be installed in under 5 minutes! The Dam Easy door is 720 mm height and easily offers flood protection up to 600 mm

Drain stoppers & accessories

Easy deployable drain stoppers and back flow valves.

The increasing extreme climate puts an enormous pressure on drainage systems. Heavy rainfall often overwhelms the drainage system that cannot cope with the massive water runoff. This results in flooded and contaminated areas around the systems as well as dangerous situations when manhole covers are opened to cope with the excess water.

AS FRIIS offers a range of products from Drain stoppers, Knife gate valves and back flov valves to mitigate flooding from drains and wells.

Basic comparison of AS FRIIS flood protection solutions

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