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Booster System

Safevent booster systems are designet to supply the Safevent Spark Detection and Extinguishing system with water in the calculated amount and with the calculated pressure to the water nozzles

The Booster System contains:

  1. Pump
  2. Relay power management
  3. Tank (150 L / 300 L / 500 L)
  4. Unit with a flush valve and pressure switch
  5. Pressure switch
  6. Manometer (10 bar, ½” x 80 mm)
  7. Overpressure valve
  8. Ball valve (1½”)
  9. Standard strainer/standard filter (1½”, brass)
  10. Service switch

Available in three sizes

The Booster System comes in three sizes, depending on capacity:

  • The 150 L Booster System is designed to support up to 3 water nozzles
  • The 300 L Booster System is designed to support up to 5 water nozzles
  • The 500 L Booster System is designed to support up to 7 water nozzles

Specification: Booster System

View or download the installation manual for the Booster System (This manual is part of the manual for our complete Spark Detection and Extinguishing System and can be found on page 40):

The Booster System Is Compatible With:

The Control Unit, DC1

The DC1 performs as a decentralized control unit designed for field installation in the hazardous dust environment. Each DC1 can control and monitor up to 4 spark detectors and 2 automatic extinguishing modules. The DC1 can monitor 1 installation or 2 independent installations and provides a 2-stage alarm; stage 1 at each system actuation – stage 2 at a user-set threshold.

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