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DC1: Spark Detection Central

Our control unit, DC1, is designed to be installed in places where explosive amounts of dust is developed. Every DC1 unit can be connected and control up to four spark detectors and two automatic extinguishing modules. D1 is capable of monitoring one installation or two independent installations.


Furthermore, it is equipped with a two-step automation: Step 1 is activated when detects irregularities and Step 2 is activated by a user-defined configuration.


•    Decentralised monitoring
•    Configurations tailored to your processes
•    Low-priced and inexpensive installation costs


•    4 SND or SDD Spark detectors
•    2 Automatic extinguishers
•    Monitoring of heat trace cables
•    Monitoring of water flow, pressure and [kontaktsæt] for kuglehaner


•    The DC1 will tests itself every other minute. Furthermore, it is possible to test manually whenever desired


The central control unit, DC1, is equipped with two alarm steps:

•    Step 1: Extinguishes the spark and sounds an alarm while flashing a highly visible light
•    Step 2: Can be configured automatically stop ventilation, filtering and production equipment. Alarmstep 2 can be tailored to user-defined needs.

Specification: SDD Spark Detector

Gallery SDD Spark Detector​

View or download the installation manual for the DC1 control unit (This manual is part of the manual for the complete Spark Detection and Extinguishing System and can be found on page 30):

The DC1 Control Unit Is Compatible With:

The SDN 'Night Light' Spark Detector

The Spark Detection Type SDN is designed for use in total darkness. The highly sensitive detector sense infrared light and is able to peer through dense phase material. The operating temperature range is from -40°C (-104°F) +70°C (+158°F). The temperature range can be expanded by use of optional flexible glass fiber cables, 1-or-2 meters long (3-or-6 feet).

The SDD 'Daylight' Detector

The Spark Detection Type SDD is designed for use in area that are lit by daylight or electric lights. It has the same robust design, as the SDN, making it able to withstand temparetures ranging from -40°C (-104°F) +70°C (+158°F). The temperature range can be expanded by use of optional flexible glass fiber cables, 1-or-2 meters long (3-or-6 feet).

Booster System

In case of intensive occurrence of sparks, Contol Unit DC1 provides a trigger to implement shut down of the materials handling process to prevent further generation or spread of sparks, hot particles, or flames. Whenever sparks are detected, operating staff are alerted by a local alarm (horn and flashing light).
The Booster System comprises of a pump, a tank, a motor control, a pressure switch and a flow sensor. The system provides a constant supply of 100 psig (7 Barg) pressurized water required for effective extinguishing action

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