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Art gallery at Charoen Krung Road protects their valuable assets against flooding 

Valuable Art can be insured against damages and loss, but in most cases irreplaceable.  

The owner of a high-end art gallery at Charoen Krung Road took no risk and installed a flood protection system to protect against flash flooding and seasonal flooding from the nearby Chao Phraya River. 

The owner explored several solutions due to the tight installation space between two doors on each side of the wall. The resolution was the Friiva™ Gate & Fence Flood protection barrier to cover the 3 m wide entrance that neatly fit between 2 doors without any need for additional supports that would have otherwise obstructed the doors from closing. 

Friiva™ Gate & Fence Flood protection barrier 
A fast and easily deployable aluminum flood protection barrier for fences, gates, and doors. Friiva Gate and Fence barriers are unique modular systems made from aluminum. The system is versatile and can be customized to most height and length requirements to protect buildings or areas as required. The barrier panels and posts are constructed in a durable aluminum alloy and provide flood protection in vertical increments of 200 mm. The barrier panels stack on top of one another and most applications can be installed by just one person. Read more about the Friiva™ Gate & Fence Flood protection barrier here  

AS FRIIS LTD specializes in flood protection solutions and services. AS FRIIS LTD product portfolio includes Cold Flood Mobile wide area barriers from Denmark, Friiva Gate & Fence barriers, Dam Easy Door & Gate Barriers from Ireland, and an extensive range of accessories to protect residential homes and commercial properties and municipalities against flooding. 

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