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Jimco launches the new stealth version of the MAC 500s Room and Air Purifier
MAC 500s Room and Air Purifier

Jimco launches the new stealth version of the MAC 500s Room and Air Purifier to offer owners, consultants, and architects an option of providing clean and safe air in rooms without interfering with aesthetics or taking up shelf and wall space.

The Jimco MAC 500s Stealth is using the Jimco controlled* UV-C & Ozone for your benefits to reduces bacteria and virus with up to 99.99% within 3 hours and will furthermore help eliminate mold and bad smells and thereby creating a safe indoor environment. Read more about the MAC 500s technology here.

The MAC 500s Stealth can be delivered in any color customer required and comes as complete unit incl. standard 220 V power plug.

*Documented effect on virus reduction

A study from the technological institute in Denmark states that the Danish-developed air purifier MAC500s effectively reduces viruses from the air. In rooms where the air purifier is in use, the virus is reduced by 89 % already during the first hour.  After two hours, the virus is reduced by 99 percent, and after three hours, the reduction is 99.9 %.

The test was performed on a bacterium infected with the MS2 virus. Coronavirus is 7-10 times more susceptible to UV light than MS2 bacteriophages. This means that the virus on which the test was performed on is more difficult or as difficult to degrade as SARS-CoV2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). Read more about UV-C and Ozone here.

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