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RAMA IX property chooses Dam Easy flood protection barriers to mitigate flooding during the rainy season in Thailand 
Dam Easy flood protection at RAMA IX property

Flooding in Bangkok is a regular struggle for many residents in Thailand’s capital city. Property developers and homeowners struggle to protect their properties against flooding during the rainy season. Flooding problems are not only caused by heavy rainfalls but also due to the everchanging infrastructure in the bustling city, often rainwater cannot be drained from even high lying areas as roads are elevated, blocking access to drains, as well as the problem of many drains being under-designed, or poorly maintained and even damaged by the continuous infrastructure construction. 

The owner of a newly built residence at RAMA IX road wanted to ensure that he is well prepared for any potential flood risk to his new house, and therefore decided to install Dam Easy Flood Gate & Door Barrier at his front and back entrance doors, to keep any potential water out of the house in case the front road is flooded. 

The Dam Easy Flood Gate & Door Barrier is positioned in such a way that it also protects the backyard where water pumps are installed. To enhance the protection a Knife Gate Valve has been installed in the drainpipes to prevent water from flowing back into the area. 

AS FRIIS LTD specialises in flood protection solutions and services. AS FRIIS LTD product portfolio includes Cold Flood Mobile wide area barriers from Denmark, Friiva Gate & Fence barriers, Dam Easy Door & Gate Barriers from Ireland, and an extensive range of accessories to protect residential homes and commercial properties and municipalities against flooding. 

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