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SINBADTECH invest in OZ 1000 to reduce food waste and keep cool storage clean.
OZ 1000

SINBADTECH was looking for a solution to reduce food waste and extend shelf life of fruits which they export from Thailand to Europe.

SINBADTECH have tested various solution and finally selected the OZ 1000 to disinfect and clean the fruit and cold storage facilities before packaging. The OZ 1000 is a cost-effective solution for smaller companies as it eliminates, mold, fungi, viruses and bacteria​ in the cold storage area and thereby increases shelf time after packaging as mold and bacteria is reduced.

Even in a well cleaned facilities it may be difficult to remove nuisance such as mold, fungi bacteria and odors, especially in hard-to-reach areas, cracks, and joints. This can be achieved without using chemicals, by using the OZ 1000 & OZ 2000 series as the active oxygen O3 (Ozone) gas can reach the hard-to-get places without the use of harmful chemicals.

The UV-C and Ozone technology used in the Jimco products have been developed, tested, and documented in Germany and Denmark. The Ozone generated by Jimco UV-C if free of Nox hence also called clean Ozone.

Both UV-C and Ozone is tested and documented to eliminate Coronaviruses like MERS and SARS, including SARS CoV2 – the source of Covid-19.

The calibrated amount of OZONE created by the specially designed and controlled UV-C lamps destructs the structure of and kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold.

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