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Reducing mould and odour nuisance in Khao Yai with MAC 500s from Jimco 
MAC 500s air purifier at Khao Yai

A Khao Yai resident struggled with mold and fungi inside their residence in Khao Yai due to the house being in a lower lying area with many trees that obstruct the airflow in and around the house. Due to the lack of ventilation, the humidity is high and therefore creates a perfect environment for the growth of mold and fungi inside the house. 

The customer has chosen a MAC 500s to reduce the odor and mold spores in her bedroom and already feels huge improvements in her sleep patterns. 

MAC 500s from Jimco offer a safer indoor climate by using the Jimco Ozone and UV-C disinfecting solutions to help eliminate viruses, bacteria, and mould, both in the air and on all surfaces, including cracks and hard to get to places without the use of harmful chemicals. The Jimco MAC 500 s can be used in occupied rooms and will help eliminate viruses, bacteria, mould, and bad smells. Jimco MAC 500s, the small and powerful air purifier for offices, clinics & private homes. 

Read more about the MAC 500s technology here 

AS FRIIS LTD specializes in clean air, disinfection, indoor climate as well as odor and grease removal from exhaust air. AS FRIIS LTD distributes a wide range of products from Jimco A/S in Denmark as well as offers design, installation, as well as an extensive range of accessories and after sales services to residential homes, commercial properties, Hospitals, Hotels, Manufacturing industry and municipalities through partners in Thailand. 

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